Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How Can I Connect My Android Phone To My Computer

How do I transfer Wallpapers from phone to computer desktop?
How do I transfer my live wallpapers from an android phone onto my computer's desktop? I have a mac and I have no idea how to put wallpapers onto the desktop...please help.
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If your phone has an sd card or any kind of storage card, and if you have your storage settings on the phone set to store pictures, etc. on the card, then you can either connect the phone to the computer using a special usb cord that fits your phone, or take the card out of the phone, and put it into either a card reader (I have one that's the size of a thumb drive and works the same as one), or your computer or printer may have card reading slots. Once your computer reads that "drive" that the card is on, you should be able to get access to the folder where your wallpaper is stored on the card, and just copy and paste that picture file onto a folder on the computer. Of course, you would need to then transfer that wallpaper file to the windows folder that holds wallpaper files, unless you know how to just navigate to a folder from the setting within "display" wherein you set your wallpaper.

This probably isn't enough direction for you, though, huh?

This how-to video will show you how you can connect any android phone with a PC or a laptop and access the internal ...

how can i connect my android phone to my computer

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