Saturday, November 3, 2012

How High Is Too High For A Fever In Children

What is the best way to ease the discomfort of a high fever? I gave my toddler an underarm temp and it read?
102.7 so do I have to add a degree and if I do is that considered a very high fever?
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If u take him in all they will do is give him a dose of tylenol AND motrin and stripped him down to his diaper. Since tylenol and motrin are different and can be taken at different times.

This can help bring ur toddlers fever down and drinking plenty of water. Make sure he/she is urinating ok and not dehydrated. Take the child in if it gets to 103 or 104. But try to give them the medicine and see if it will go down. usually if the child starts sweating it is a sign of the fever going down and they feel a lot better.

Schedule an appointment to check for any infections. Strep? ear? whatever symptoms they might have.

When your child has a high fever, should you be worried? About what? Here are a few maneuvers to do to help you decide whether your ...

how high is too high for a fever in children

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