Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Long Does It Take For Wage Garnishment To Start

After how long someone will start to recieve the payment?
The judge order the defendant to pay a certain amount of money. The company that she works for already sent the conformation that she works there to the constable. When one start to receive the money? Can I suit her again to get the remained money that was not listed on the first suit, including the bad checks? She has an warrant by the way. This is in Nevada.
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So you have a judgment and currently seeking to garnish her wages? Once the company has been notified of the garnishment it should not take more then a few weeks, assuming she does not quit the job

Judgment is the easy part, collecting is a whole different animal, if she is writing bad checks, does she even have assets or income to pay your judgment or is the person what the law calls judgment proof meaning you will never collect on the judgment

How does the bank levy or wage garnishment work? Many clients have called our accounting and tax ...

how long does it take for wage garnishment to start

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