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How To Get Rid Of Big Pores On Your Face

Does proactiv make your skin get larger pores?
I have been using proactiv for a few weeks now. And I've noticed my pores are either getting bigger or they're blackheads? Before, I didn't have noticeable pores above my lips, below my chin, and on the top of my cheeks next to my nose. But now, I see them more and it seems like they're blackheads? Cause they're super noticeable and seem a little black; like holes, but I'm not sure. Is there anyway to get rid of big pores and blackheads also?
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Proactive really only works for a select few of people. The problem with Proactive is that it enlarges pores to get the dirt out, but doesn't seal them up.

How to fix it:

1. Stop using proactive. If you need a good skincare regimine, I suggest Clinique.

- for oily skin:…

- for dry skin:…

(they also sell it for extra dry or extra oily)

2. Another set of Clinique products:

- pore solution kit:…

I understand both of these are pricey but they last 8-10 months for me, and I saw a difference after just a few days. My dermatologist reccomended me these products and she is happy with my skin, and so am I.

If you still want to try the Proactive, try splashing freezing cold water on your face 3 times a day and it helps tighten your pores (hot water makes them open)

hope I helped :) Sally, Licensed Aesthetician describes causes of large pores and how to make them appear smaller. For more ...

how to get rid of big pores on your face

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