Saturday, April 13, 2013

How To Tell If My Baby Is Allergic To Milk

How does consuming foods you are allergic to harm your unborn child?
I was recently told I have an allergy to milk. Not a lactose intolerance or allergy to Dairy. The nurse told me I was allergic to milk, that's it. Well, I'm pregnant now and I get the worse cravings for milk and milk related products, ice cream, etc. Can consuming small amounts of this stuff harm my baby? Before becoming pregnant the only symptoms I had of this was a slight irritation in my throat and nothing else, in fact my body showed more signs of lactose intolerance with the gas then anything else.
They sell dairy products specifically for people who are lactose intolerant. They have lactaid milk for one example. I also know of some people who get the gas with the regular milk but they are still okay to eat yogurt and cheeses. Maybe you could also take a calcium supplement because it sounds like that is what your body is wanting to have. Next time you go to a prenatal visit, get more information from the doctor. Nurses are good but she didn't give you near enough information. She didn't let you know if you need to make any changes to your diet or anything!

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how to tell if my baby is allergic to milk

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